what is a horoscope

What Is A Horoscope?

What is a horoscope? A horoscope represents your personal energy mandala

what is a horoscopeSo what is a horoscope? At it’s simplest level a horoscope is a kind of a diagram. It is all to easy to get lost in the diagram itself, with all the signs and symbols, however it is important to remember that a diagram is simply a drawing (of sorts) that represents something.

At a deeper level your natal horoscope (your birth chart) is a map that represents something very sacred indeed. It represents your entire energy field and is symbolic of your own personal energy mandala. As such, it is your own personal map to your Soul’s expression and your Life Purpose.

A modern natal horoscope is created using symbols that represent the planets, signs and aspects. The positions of the planets at the time of your birth are noted and placed on the horoscope according to their zodiac sign and house position.

Then the astrologer can look at the ‘aspects’ – the geometric angles between planetary positions – to determine where there are energetic affinities, or potential obstacles to the flow of energy between planets.

In days gone by, calculating and drawing up a natal horoscope was a very detailed and time-consuming project which in our modern era is made so much faster by the use of astrological computer software.

So what is a horoscope? It is simply a symbolic representation of your personal energy mandala.

The word horoscope comes from the Greek horoskopos, from hora meaning ‘hour’ and skopos meaning ‘to watch’, which literally meant ‘watching the hour1.

A horoscope is therefore like a kind of snapshot in time of the prevailing energy surrounding an event. We can draw up a horoscope for any event although the kind of horoscopes people are probably most familiar with are the natal horoscope (often called a birth or natal chart).

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                  Is Your Whole Life In Your Natal Horoscope?

                  Because your natal horoscope is like a snapshot of your energy field taken at the time of your birth, a skilled astrologer can read your energy field and see much of your potential. It can show predispositions and tendencies, how your behavior and character may manifest, and how you may react and respond in certain situations.

                  It is not a cast-iron prediction of what will happen. It would be awesome if astrology could say, “you are supposed to be a plumber”, or a teacher, or something, and that would be a great help to many of us, and offer a simple solution. Unfortunately life isn’t always that simple, and astrology doesn’t work that way. I for one wouldn’t want to feel so restricted. I like the idea that there is choice and flexibility in life!

                  Having said that, your horoscope can definitely give pointers and show where you may have a talent or flair for something. For example one of the classic ‘careers’ for someone with Sun in Gemini would be journalism, but does that mean you have to become a reporter with a big newspaper? Maybe not, in this day and age if you do have a flair for writing and/or ‘reporting’ you may choose to have your own YouTube channel and or make your living writing your own blog!

                  Other factors in your horoscope are also taken into account because they will affect the expression of a certain trait. If you have Sun in Gemini and Cancer Rising you may be less outgoing and prefer a ‘conventional’ career rather than striking out on your own.

                  Your natal horoscope can be thought of like a seed in that it reflects all the potential expressions contained in your energy field. It indicates the reason you are here, what your Soul’s purpose is, and how you are likely to express that through your specific personality traits. Whether you express them in part, in full, or not at all, depends upon how they relate with other factors in your chart, and on some of the life choices you make!

                  Get your FREE NATAL CHART here!


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