Gemini Symbol

The origin and meaning of the Gemini Symbol

Gemini Symbol

Gemini symbol is the “heavenly Twins”. Gemini is the first sign of the zodiac to feature humans rather than animals in it’s symbology. This is the first hint at an esoteric connection to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The sign of Gemini is about connection, communication and communion. Esoterically the Soul begins it’s journey in Aries as a point of light in the mind of God. This single point projects out as beam of light in Taurus, before fanning out to become myriad rays of rainbow light in Gemini touching all of existence. The light of Gemini seeks wisdom and, ultimately, resolves all extremes, polarities, and duality back into one, but first Gemini must fully experience the human journey, in order to cultivate wisdom. So the sign of Gemini is about multiple experiences at the personality level, that contribute to learning, and finally transcending the ultimate duality: personality and Soul, to live as a Soul-centered being.

Gemini Symbology tells us much about the journey of light of the human Soul, and the evolution of consciousness. In other words, the Gemini symbol is hinting at what it really means, to be human.

Astrology uses symbology to point to an underlying energetic reality. In the constellation of Gemini (which lends it’s name to the Zodiac sign Gemini) the two brightest stars are Castor and Pollux.

The Heavenly Twins: Castor and Pollux

Greek mythology is often a metaphor for our spiritual journey. In the ancient Greek myth, Castor and Pollux were half brothers having the same mother but different fathers. Castor’s father was mortal, and so was he. Pollux however was the son of the god Zeus, and so was immortal. When Castor died, Pollux didn’t want to lose his brother and asked Zeus to intervene. Zeus turned them both into stars so they could remain together forever as the heavenly twins in the constellation of Gemini.

The esoteric symbology is that each of us has a mortal self, which dies, and an immortal self, which is eternal. The journey of Gemini is one of experiencing the opposites of self and other, head and heart, personality and Soul, mortal and immortal, so that we can discover our immortal self through our own personal experience.

The Heavenly Twins represent the Soul, which is immortal, and the personality, which will die.

The dominant dynamic of Gemini is the call of the Soul vs the pull of the personality. The urge is to seek, in order to seek knowledge, understanding, and wisdom but this innate curiosity can keep us from the very wisdom that we seek by constantly engaging us in worldly activities. Therefore the innate curiosity of Gemini that is constantly looking outwards seeking novelty, must be eventually be turned inward to be transformed into wisdom-seeking that leads to deep inner truth.

gemini symbol imageThe Glyph of Gemini

The glyph for Gemini is the Roman numeral for 2 (II). The two pillars symbolize the inherent duality of worldly existence. We all live in duality until we walk the spiritual path that leads us to fully realize non-duality.

A Portal of Opportunity

Between the two pillars we can also see a portal, inviting us to step between the two pillars and go beyond, thereby beginning our spiritual quest. By transcending the pillars of duality we begin our spiritual journey into directly perceiving our essential non-dual nature.

Inherent then, in the glyph of Gemini, is the concept of choice: on this side of the portal is mortality, duality and worldly existence, on the other side of the portal is immortality, oneness, and Divine existence. The two pillars of Gemini symbolize a heavenly portal to our Soul’s journey. An opportunity to go beyond worldly existence, if we take it. If we choose wisely then immortality and the truth of our spiritual nature awaits: if we choose to follow wisdom rather than the worldly pursuits of our ego.

Gemini is the mutable (changeable) air sign, and air signs are about the mind. This tells us that the portal in Gemini is about an orientation of mind. This is in contrast to the “Great Gates” of Cancer and Capricorn, which are also referred to in Esoteric Astrology. (We will discuss these more in the following post on Cancer). The Great Gates of Cancer and Capricorn refer to actual births or incarnations, into realms of physical and spiritual existence.

The portal of Gemini is a faculty of attention that aligns us onto a spiritual path that will either result in a spiritual rebirth through the Great Gate of Capricorn or a worldly incarnation through the Great Gate of Cancer. The sign of Gemini is known for it’s ‘magpie’ nature: being curious and following the next novelty that captures one’s attention. The lesson in Gemini is to learn, of all the phenomena that compete for our attention, which ones are likely to lead to greater spiritual development and evolution. The portal in Gemini is about the power of choosing where we place our attention, rather than allowing ourselves to be blown about on the winds of change.

“He and the Teacher saw the third great Gate, opening before the son of man, revealing a new chance to tread the Way.”

The Tibetan, from The Labours of Hercules: An Astrological Interpretation

Gemini is symbolic of the great spiritual quest that our entire the human family will undertake, sooner or later. It is the search for the deepest truth of our being: the search for our Soul; the search for light, for unity, for divinity, for instruction, and the ultimate wisdom.

The Divine Messenger

As the Divine messenger, Gemini reminds us that we HAVE a Soul, and in our everyday activities we shouldn’t lose sight of our Divine Self, but rather try to integrate it into all our thoughts, words and actions.

Ultimately Gemini is reminding us that our personality will one day wane and ‘die’ and that it is our Soul, which is waxing and growing, that will go on beyond the death of this current life.

Gemini reminds us what it really means to be human: to undertake the human journey with awe and reverence. To seek and find our true nature and not to be distracted by worldly pursuits. To not be attached to our ‘waning’ self, the personality nature, which is transient but to seek and find our ‘eternal’ self, our immortal twin, that has always been with us, throughout the ages, and throughout countless incarnations.

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