Ephemerides 2016 – 2022

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Ephemerides are tables of planetary data traditionally used by astrologers to determine the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets in order to draw up a horoscope.

Ephemerides, ephemeris or aspectarian – what’s the difference?

Ephemerides is plural, ephemeris is single. So we would talk about one ephemeris, or many ephemerides. An aspectarian on the other hand, is a table showing aspects between planets for a specific time period. They are often included within an ephemeris, but may also stand alone.

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Astrologers, Astronomers and Sailors!

Before the days of computers and software programs, an ephemeris was traditionally used by astrologers, astronomers, and by seafarers to determine the position of the planets.

A ships navigator would use a combination of direct observation of the stars, mathematical calculations made by using an instrument called a sextant, and reference to an ephemeris. In this way he could determine the ships position. This process is called Celestial Navigation.

How is An Ephemeris Calculated?

In ancient times the ephemeris tables had to be calculated mathematically but these days computers are used to perform the calculations. A modern astrologer is most likely to use astrological software that has an ephemeris already built in. However printed copies are still available as many astrologers like to remain proficient in the art of manually calculating and drawing up a horoscope.

Popular Ephemerides:

The above tables for 2016 to 2022 were generated using IO Edition astrological software from Time Cycles Research. Tables for future years will be added soon.