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Link share and make friends!

Link sharing is one of the main ways that blogs and websites connect to share their resources with their readers and build a web presence.  

The internet depends on links, but the process of link sharing can extend way beyond the link itself. Many of the astrologers I’ve connected with for the purpose of sharing links still stay in touch and we support each other through Facebook and other social media too. Through effective connections, friendships are made. 

Do you have an original astrology blog or website that our readers might also enjoy? If so, let’s connect and share!

Link share is easy – here’s how:

Choose one of the 2 ways below to add to your blog or website:

  1. Grab the logo below by dragging it to your desktop, and link it to  OR
  2. Add a simple text link to



That’s it!  …when you’re done let us know and we’ll add your blog or website to our astrology resources. (This is only for blogs and websites with original content, we’re not interested in plagiarism sites).

If you’re still not sure, have more questions, and/or just prefer to connect with a real-life human being to chat about how we can support one another in building our web presence… send me an email to

link share I look forward to connecting with you!
with very best wishes,

Ruth Hadikin

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